5 Steps for Creating a Successful Banner Design

Banners are supposed to be one of the most effective ways of marketing your products and services. They account for a better visibility and scope for placing your products in the eyes of your customers. For this very reason it becomes highly important for you to get your banner designed in the right way so that you do not loose out on the benefits it provides.

So what are those main features that need to be taken care of while designing an appropriate banner? As I can see it, there are five basic aspects that are of prime importance and should be taken care of without fail and these are Material, Size, Fonts, Contrast and Graphics. Good Web Design and Graphic Design help you in banner design. Now lets look at them one at a time in detail.


There are mainly three kinds of materials used for banner designing which are lightweight (10 ounces), standard (13 ounces) and heavyweight (17 ounces). Lightweight banners are mainly used for indoor uses that are for short period of time and are not durable for outdoor use. Standard ones are of use both for indoor and outdoors, especially if they are to be used more than once across various seasons. Heavyweight banners are only used for hardcore outdoor marketing. These can be used for indoors as the size of them doesn’t support.


Size is always as important as any other aspect of the entire design. The size of your banner has to be in sync with the entire design and its placement. The size should be taken can care of with all the important factors keeping in mind. If you are display your banner on a huge wall or a hoarding then it should be of the similar or corresponding size so that the visibility is not hindered.


Fonts are again an integral part of a banner design. This incorporates the entire readability and if that is not appropriate then the whole idea of promotion through the banners gets nullified. Keep in mind that you use fonts that are readable from any distance, avoid complete use of capital letters as running letters are more reading friendly.


Contrast is normally overlooked but is equally important. The contrast between the fonts and the background of the banner and color contrast between the banner and the area where it will be placed at are two important factors to be taken care of,


These days even high end graphics can be used with banners. This is where you can score the most with putting in as much creativity you want to make your banners look attractive and eye catching.

These are the points, if taken care of, can lend you amazing results. So not that you know what to do while you design a banner, go ahead and create a great looking one for you benefit.
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