Creative Web Design-A Success Formula

Most of the clienteles for web designing ever demands a creative website designing or creative web application designing for their dream project. But have you an idea of creativity means? Do you think of your own way of the creativity and clients by their own eyes? For a successful web designer creativity is always with clients’ perspective.

Let’s see creativity at clients’ point of views. When someone is going to design a website or web application always consider two points. First is for whom or for which business they are designing. Second is who the target audience is. Therefore, it is necessary to address these requirements in your designing layout. A designer can do by gaining understanding of clients and its business. By understanding, acknowledging, and addressing the concerns of your client in your designing you will end up with a product that they consider to be a creative and pleasing for their business!

One of the characteristics of creative web design is its holding capacity means how long a site can hold the presence and interaction of its users. This further demand some fundamental designing aspects to take into considerations and those are as follow:

The content

The substance and information on the site should be relevant to the site and should target the area of the public that the website is concerned with. Keep your content in block manner and manage the dynamic content properly. Good content management software is one of the solutions of this problem.

The Product Information
The placement of your product information should be such a way that it can grab the quick attention of the users at first sight. Not only it should catch attention but should be provide whatever your target audience wants easily and in an organized manner. Keep things beautifully clear and simple by avoiding clutter so it will avoid any misunderstanding further.

The Theme
Theme should be such a way that it expresses the mood or emotion that you want to communicate through the website of your client. The moods you can choose include humor, academic, professional, family or technical look and feel. Creative web designer always avoids usage of background as it distracts the readability of the site same the way it also avoids the excessive usage of graphics and keep design clutter free by providing some blank spaces.

The Navigation
Creative web designer always ensure a pleasant surfing experience through easy navigation. They keep any page just two clicks away by using layering in navigation. Ensures all buttons functions properly and smoothly. Navigation method should be same on all pages that avoid the confusions among the users.

The Appearance

The graphics and text should include a single style that flows throughout, to show consistency. The style should be professional, appealing and relevant.

The Components

A web designer can be creative here by providing useful components like chat, discussion forums, polls, surveys, guest-books and many more. Components make site rich and engaging the direct instance of this is the inclusion of Audio and Video in the site.

Ads and Pop-ups

Spinning, flashing and blinking ads are attractive but not always, so keep them at a tolerable level and leave more space for your content. Same is true for the pop-ups. They must be limited in numbers and should come when visitors leave the site.


A web designing company that scores high on all these points should be awarded the creative designing projects.

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