Benefits and Tips to Remember while Designing Highly Effective Print Designs

As we have been discussing about various print mediums as sources of marketing in the series of this article, I am going to further it in this part. Till now we have discussed Leaflets, Brochures and Logo designs, in this part of the series I am going to discuss the importance and intricacies of a Business card.

So when it comes to marketing yourself and the business there is no better option than doing it personally, or making a face to face interactive presentation of yourself. A business card in such a scenario is one of the best ways of creating a complete professional image of yourself and your business. Business cards have always been associated with professionalism and they act as a very apt medium of reaching the person directly and their size makes it easy to carried around so that your presence, once you have given the card, is always there. Business Cards reflect your business identity so choose with care.

But to make an effective business card its very important that you include all the important information one needs to remember you and to make a call back whenever they think about a requirement that corresponds to you. But what are those things that need to be there inevitably; lets have a look at all of them.

Name of Individual:

The name of the individual is the first thing a business card will need to have so that the recipient knows who he/she needs to get in touch with if there is a need. Plus it gives you a more personalized touch to it.

Name of Business or Organization:

Name of the organization is one of the most essential pieces of information on the business card. The name of the individual needs to be backed up by the name of the organization to let the recipient know what exactly the card is there with him for. Two most important business identity are Business Cards and Brochure Design for any business.

Address and Phone Number(s):

Always keep the contact details like the physical mailing address, email and phone numbers on the card. The recipient needs to know where and to whom to contact in case he needs to further his/her need and fulfill it. In case of the phone numbers, do not forget to put in the country codes and extensions. Do not forget to put your company’s website URLs if you have a website as this is the most common, convenient and preferred way of communication these days.

Tagline or Business Description and List of Services/Products:

Taglines and a small business description can help in providing useful information about what the business all about in case the name is a little ambiguous or the card has been with the person for long and he/she has forgotten the details. The list of the services might not be plausible in single side business card, but if you making it double sided then the list can make a good way of telling what all you do.

Logo and Graphic images:

The logo sometimes can do all that I have described above, so having a logo on the card is most essential. If your logo is very powerful and widely popular, its presence can do it all. But to make the card more effective and attractive you can use some simple graphics as well, this is just for the looks sake.

So these are few of the things that you need to take care about while you design your business card. If you include all of these you are sure to make an impressive and effective card that will not just lie in the bunch of business cards in the office drawer, but will get you calls for more business.

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