Custom Website Design is a Key to Accelerate Growth of Your Business

Suppose you have a brick and mortar store. How will you make its appearance? You probably make it different than your neighbors as well as your competitors and extremely comfortable for your clients so they would like to pay another visit. Same is true for your online shop, your website. If you want to make a difference in online business you need to have a customized website which reflects your business very well this is done through better website design, corresponding to your brand and suitable for your patrons.

Small business tempted to save some bucks by purchasing template based solution which offers website akin in appearance and functionalities to your neighbors and competitors. This may prove some short sighted decision. If you want to go for a long in online business you should have website which reflect your business in true meaning. You should have content that tell your own stories rather than playing an identical tune of the same music heard on all websites. You can place your products and services your own ways and follow strategies of your own business. You can promote your products or services at your own terms this is done by custom website design for your online business website.

Your brand is a unique phenomenon. Your website if designed such a way that it can reflect your brands and communicate effectively your branding messages so you are able to carve your own niche. You have your own communities and related audience if your web designer is good this will be more effective. You have lots of traffic that your custom designed website converts into the prospective customers and bring enormous money for you. Apart from these you may have a distinct benefit and that is you can play safe, within your own budget with custom website design. Whenever your business grows and you need some additional features your custom website designer will be able to add for you because he/she has left a scope for it.

Besides adaptability, scalability is another benefit for custom web design. You can scale up to at any extent in web site functionalities and website design if you have custom design with suitable technology. Of course, you can change the technology or add or delete the platform in case of customized design whereas that is nearly impossible with template based sites. Suppose you need frequent update of your web content and your site is made in custom PHP then you can add customized WordPress CMS or Joomla CMS in it.

Search engine visibility is a crucial factor in internet marketing. By doing custom website design you can take care of SEO factors very well. You will have Meta tags like titles, keywords and descriptions etc. well optimized. You can look after the duplicate content your own way. You can place your products or services in proper hierarchy and in proper categories if it is not on your website then plan to website redesign with these features. You can give alt tags to your product images thus you can optimize your images too. By custom website design you will be able to generate search engine friendly URLs so search engine can found your pages easily. In custom design you will have great control over your content and its placements. You can freely use multimedia content in your custom designed website and lure more customers on your website.

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Tips to Make Effective Custom Website Design for Marketing a Business

Success or failure of web design is its user friendliness and usefulness not in its web and graphics design alone. Therefore, user centric approach for website design is correct approach and here we will see some useful tips regarding to make effective custom website design.

Think as users think

Users think same as a customer do in a brick and mortar store. They strive for the quality. They simply ignore other aspects like design and advertisement for sake of quality content. Due to only these reasons some websites which are not design graphically good can get substantial amount of traffic in compare to the good looking sites with low quality content. For quality content remembers one thing that user never read content first but scan it, search anchor point for their eyes so it can guide them through the content. This scanning process can be interrupted by unusual content that is call hot area on the page. So always prefer custom web design for your site.

Another fact is that users don’t have enough patients and they want to search their goals quickest ways. They draw their eyes abruptly never is linier fashion and try to find the useful things for them. Therefore, if you put your content in hierarchical fashion then it will guide their eyes and help to find whatever they sought the most. Similarly they found a useful link that can lead to their target they will immediately tempted to click on it. Users expect their total control over the browser therefore they never like popup a new window so avoid it.

Don’t let users to think

When you create a web page it is meant to solve a problem itself not to pose a question so make your site self explanatory. It should tell everything about itself. The more you reduce the number of question marks the most users will like your site. Try to create a clear structure, moderate visual clues and easily recognizable link so user can find their path and aim. Reduce the learning load for visitors and make your idea as easy as you can so your user can grasp it easily. Once your user will able to grasp your ideas they will prove best to communicate that how they can get benefits from your site. Simply let them understand you that how you are useful to them they will be prove useful for you! Best Website Design help you more regarding this.

Don’t ask much

Users always run in shortage of patients and time. Minimize your requirements like registration, signing in and other form filling in exchange of services you give on your website. Let your user to roam on your site freely and let them to choose your subscription and signing in etc voluntarily. This will reduce your bounce rate.

Catch user attention

Some elements are more eyes catching then others, for instance bold text attract more attention than simple one and images have more visitors than texts. Use such elements without going excessively and grab attention of your users on your message.

Expose the features

Don’t forget to expose your important features with large buttons and visual effects. Use sparingly bulleted text to guide your users. These all will help you to bring forth your good features easily. Such guides are extremely effective to lead visitors through site content in a simple and user friendly manner for this your Website Designer should be have enough expertise and creativeness.

Do effective writing

Remember web is altogether different thing than print. Talk your business in short and concise phrases. Avoid it giving cute and clever names, marketing induced names, company specific names and unfamiliar technical names. Use scan-able layout like categorize the content, use multiple heading levels, use visual elements and bulleted lists which break the flow of uniform text blocks. Try to use plain and objective language.

Keep it simple

Users are on your site because they need information not to look your site design, the best site design is a pure text, without any advertisements or further content blocks matching exactly the query visitors used or the content they’ve been looking for. Clearly presents the information about the site and gives visitors a choice of options without overcrowding them with unnecessary content. Use white space it is good for the health of your website design.

Test often

It has been seen that usability tests often provide crucial insights into significant problems and issues related to a given layout.

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WordPress Theme Designs and its Benefits

WordPress is an efficient, easy to manage and very useful platform to have a website of your own that can be managed, updated and given a new look easily without having any knowledge of HTM coding or any other technical mess. No one wants one of those boring looking websites where it’s nearly impossible to do anything on your own and has to depend largely on a development firm or a freelancer to make the required changes. WordPress allows you to be the real master of your own website as you can make changes as and when you want to. But make it sure that your website design should be good enough to attract visitors.

But even if you have the freedom to do it all by yourself, you would need to know at least the design part to build or re-build your web page or blog to make it look appealing enough for your viewers to stick to it for sometime and read your content. This is where I think you would need WordPress Template designs. These are readymade templates that can be installed without any hassle to give a completely new look to your website. WordPress Themes designs have various benefits as to why you should make use of them to create a lasting impression on your viewer’s mind.

Save Time:

These are real time savers. All you have to do is to install one of your own choices from the Internet, and trust me; there are hundreds and thousands of them available, for free. If you had to get a customized theme otherwise, it will take you weeks to get one designed and delivered to you, wasting time and energy and sometimes even the entire need of it. Your web designer should be have expertise on it.

Save Money:

Voila! And there you go, one of the major reasons why you should have one. WordPress themes are available on the Internet for free, WordPress being an Open Source, and thus you can get as many for paying absolutely nothing at all. Of course you will have to pay your Internet bill.

Ample Choice:

Thousands to choose from and that too for no money, can it get any better? WordPress being an open source serves the best for it. There is a large community supporting it and coming out with new themes and templates everyday. You can select any of them that you like.

Easy to Install, Customize and Change:

Well it’s all easy here. They give you no hang-ups at all. Download and install. Click and customize. Bored and change. It literally is as easy as it sounds here. For Open source theme design it is easy to install, customize and change.

SEO Friendly:

There is nothing that WordPress themes haven’t got. They are even search engine friendly. They have been built in such a way that they support optimization and thus you will always be on the higher ranks of all the major search engines.

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Benefits and Tips to Remember while Designing Highly Effective Print Designs

As we have been discussing about various print mediums as sources of marketing in the series of this article, I am going to further it in this part. Till now we have discussed Leaflets, Brochures and Logo designs, in this part of the series I am going to discuss the importance and intricacies of a Business card.

So when it comes to marketing yourself and the business there is no better option than doing it personally, or making a face to face interactive presentation of yourself. A business card in such a scenario is one of the best ways of creating a complete professional image of yourself and your business. Business cards have always been associated with professionalism and they act as a very apt medium of reaching the person directly and their size makes it easy to carried around so that your presence, once you have given the card, is always there. Business Cards reflect your business identity so choose with care.

But to make an effective business card its very important that you include all the important information one needs to remember you and to make a call back whenever they think about a requirement that corresponds to you. But what are those things that need to be there inevitably; lets have a look at all of them.

Name of Individual:

The name of the individual is the first thing a business card will need to have so that the recipient knows who he/she needs to get in touch with if there is a need. Plus it gives you a more personalized touch to it.

Name of Business or Organization:

Name of the organization is one of the most essential pieces of information on the business card. The name of the individual needs to be backed up by the name of the organization to let the recipient know what exactly the card is there with him for. Two most important business identity are Business Cards and Brochure Design for any business.

Address and Phone Number(s):

Always keep the contact details like the physical mailing address, email and phone numbers on the card. The recipient needs to know where and to whom to contact in case he needs to further his/her need and fulfill it. In case of the phone numbers, do not forget to put in the country codes and extensions. Do not forget to put your company’s website URLs if you have a website as this is the most common, convenient and preferred way of communication these days.

Tagline or Business Description and List of Services/Products:

Taglines and a small business description can help in providing useful information about what the business all about in case the name is a little ambiguous or the card has been with the person for long and he/she has forgotten the details. The list of the services might not be plausible in single side business card, but if you making it double sided then the list can make a good way of telling what all you do.

Logo and Graphic images:

The logo sometimes can do all that I have described above, so having a logo on the card is most essential. If your logo is very powerful and widely popular, its presence can do it all. But to make the card more effective and attractive you can use some simple graphics as well, this is just for the looks sake.

So these are few of the things that you need to take care about while you design your business card. If you include all of these you are sure to make an impressive and effective card that will not just lie in the bunch of business cards in the office drawer, but will get you calls for more business.

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